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I am looking to get some nice carbon tubbs for this cross season and the occasional road race.

Thus far I am looking at Reynolds DV46's, Zipp 303's, and the nice Easton (Velomax?) EC90's .

Any recommendations/thoughts between these wheels or other suggestions? I am 150lbs so I can ride light stuff w/o much worry.

I know Reynolds uses nice hubs, but I seem to remember Zipp using garbage hubs. Easton hubs?

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You may also want to consider ROL Wheels. The Carbon 38's are what Katie Compton used last season.

I can't speak to the durability of their hubs but they use carbon rims made by Edge Composites — good stuff.
I just got a set of EC90's. My first race on them was yesterday, it was a pretty hard course as far as wheels go, part of the lap was through construction at the local ski resort. The wheels held up surprisingly wheel, and I bottomed them out on a certain rock almost every lap (20+ laps). So they seem very durable. The hubs spin smooth as anything but the hearsay is that they require a bit more maintenance than other (DT's - featured in Bontrager and Reynolds) hubs. But if you take care of them they'll be fine. I'm in love with the EC90s. btw, I have the EC90 aeros and weigh 155, and am an average smooth rider.
Sounds pretty good.

Did you ever weigh the wheels and how deep are the rims?
20+ LAPS????? - in one race?????
The EC90s are 56mm deep and weigh pretty spot on with their claimed weight (1370 gms).
Check out the [url=]Ligero SLW Wheelset[/url] made by Troy Watson. I haven't used these but he made my AL tubular race wheelset a couple years ago and they are light and have held up really well (still have needed truing). These are definitely on my short list if/when I decide to go Carbonic. He knows his wheels.

Model 3 - Carbon Tubular 41mm (1170g): - $1800
Ligero SLW Hubset
Custom Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
41mm Edge Composite Tubular Rim
Cyclocross/Heavy Duty Use

Model 4 - Carbon Tubular 68mm (1330g): - $1850
Ligero SLW Hubset
Custom Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
68mm Edge Composite Tubular Rim
Cyclocross/Heavy Duty Use
The Ligeros look pretty nice, but a little out of my $ range.

I am maxing out around $1000 on Ebay/Craigslist.

Ah the sweetness of 1100 gram wheels. I borrowed some for CrossVegas and they are like cheating, I can't imagine doing a climbing course on them!
I'll second this, Troy is a good guy and a solid builder. Can't go wrong with one of his wheelsets.
hey not sure if these will work but there is a pair of 202s up for sale on my local triathalon group if you are interested.

look for "ZIPP 202 ULTRA LIGHT-1030gr GREAT WHEELS!" at $1400 CDN or $1200 USD
Another option would be to demo some wheels of different brands and see what you like before dropping a huge chunk of coin on a set. Echappe Equipment offers rentals w/purchase option and credit towards a purchase of various race ready wheelsets. Brands like Zipp, American Classic, Dura Ace 7850's with tires glued and ready to roll.

Echappe Equipment @ Check em out. I'm a rep for them, but also think its a great service to try a few brands out before breaking the bank on something.

The American Classic 38's are essentially a Zipp 303 rim with ultralite hubs and super stiff spokes, giving you unparalleled accelleration. Nice light and fast set of wheels and if you want a deeper rim go with a 58. Send me a mail if you have questions.
wood booger,

fwiw, zipp has totally changed their hubs, and their new hubs on their '09 wheels (at least the cx wheels) have a bunch of seals. see our interbike coverage for a closer look. i haven't tried them (yet).

trying wheels through echappe could be worthwhile to see what you like (they're an advertiser with the magazine).


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