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Hey guys,
I've just whacked a new cx frame on Layby and was just going to throw all my old 8speed gear over onto it, but I've decided to chuck a newer groupset on. I was going to go 10 speed but I've heard that the 10 speed gear isn't as robust as the 9 speed stuff is for cross, and I'm probably going to be riding through some fairly dusty/sandy kind of terrain pretty regularly. Just wondering if anyone who has a bit of an idea can help me out.

Thanks in advance,

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I suppose 9spd is a bit less durable, yes. But where on earth are you going to find that stuff in good shape at this point? Mainly shifters I suppose. I have a hard time finding first gen Shimano 10spd these days.

Second generation Shimano 10spd stuff is pretty horrible. I'd skip that all together if you can and either go 9, 1st gen 10 or 11. The new 11 is super nice and reasonably priced.

As a rider who spends his entire time riding in the thick mud and wet of Great Britain, I can attest that 10 and 11 speed transmissions (by Shimano or SRAM) are more than capable of handling adverse conditions. There really is no reason to stick with 8 speed or 9 speed - unless you're trying to keep a retro-flavour on purpose. 

It'll open up all sorts of useful gearing option too. Not just in the rear cassette, but up front too. With a wider ratio rear cassette you could clean up the bike with a 1x (single front chainring) layout. 


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