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debating Easton EA70X vs. Mavic Reflex/D-A.

any thoughts?

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stay tuned - in a day or two CXM will have pics and info of another attractive option as well.
williams just released an alloy cyclocross tubular wheelset well under your on our main site. not sure how much you weigh but looks like a strong option. we're riding them now.
Hi Jeff,

I don't have any experience with the Easton wheelset. The Mavic Reflex/D-A option is really, really hard to beat for under $600. The wheelset is pretty light. The rims are easy and inexpensive to replace, the hubs are really durable, most mechanics are comfortable working on them, and from what I understand, the hubs don't require much of a break-in, if any. Plus, as you probably know, you can get a pair of clinchers with Open Pro rims for practice and/or pit purposes, and not have to fret over making changes to your brake set-up.

I'm hopeful that others chime in; like you, I'd like to hear some opinions on the EA70X. Plus, I'm quite curious about what the CXM website will be featuring as another option.
YEAH i'VE HEARD ROUGHly the same thing. I wonder which one of the two would be lighter? Easton claims the EA70x are around 1650g. I think if you used Revolution spokes with the Reflex/D-A set, it could be a hair lighter. While not bling $2K carbon wheels, the EA70X do look a bit sexier than the utilitarian Reflex/D-A option.

I will prob run some wide (32-34) Tufo Elite tubulars on this wheelset, as my dry-course (they are usu dry in Colorado) everyday wheel. And for the few wet courses, prob run some mud tires on some clinchers I have.
Maybe the decision is easier if there is a good deal on the Tubular Reflex wheelset. How about $370 and 1531 grams for 32h Dura-ace, tubular Reflex rims, DT Comp 15/16 spokes and alloy nips from a reliable vendor? However the really good deal is the base set-up, Ultegra hubs instead of DA with the above for $230. Also, I checked and Bicycle wheel warehouse has a good rep on the roadbike review forums. I'm going with a DA rear hub and Ultegra front. It saves $60 from the full DA price and only adds 10 grams. My only concern is the 15/16 spokes.
How many spokes do you need on front and rear? Our Echappe Classics 'Cross Tubulars are usually 28 front and rear, but tip the scales around 1300 grams depending on your build. The Mavic DA build is a true beast and with the DA hubs you know they'll be smooth.

Talk to our man Adam in Vermont: . He knows the details of a good build for riders. We already have some sets built up, too, which would save you some cash. Things to know are your own body (weight, height), your riding preference (mud, dry, climb, sprint) and your preference in a wheel (strong, light, sprint snappy, soft comfortable). Adam can at least point you in the right direction, even if its not with us.

Good luck in your search!
I run the Reflex/DA for my race wheels and really like them. They're reliable, durable, easy to repair and find parts. Don't know a thing about the Easton set.

I really like the Reflex/DA setup, because my pit/training wheels are Open Pro/Ultegra. In fact, you could probably get away with a set of each for just around $600, maybe a little more. Makes wheel changes super quick, no mucking about with derailleur adjustments, etc. The two rims have a bit of difference in width, which changes brake feel at the lever, but by the end of the first lap I don't really notice it.


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