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Just trying to get a feel

I am 100% tubular for road and CX race but how many people do you think still use clincher tires (percentage)?


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Thx. Just trying my best to let guys get stuff at decent prices.  The road season is ending so I do not keep strock of Wires and my Drakos inventory has just drained.  If anyone needs Wires or Drako in full sizes Euro colors ping me; 1/2 sizes will be available again in January.  Cheers

P.S. It takes on average 3 weeks for my orders to arrive from Europe.

I started out on clinchers, switched to tubulars, and then back to clinchers.  The tubulars were awesome - but way too much maintenance - not to mention the mental stress of thinking that they were going to roll on me around some hard decent.  I rolled a tubular in a race once.  That, plus the hours spent gluing and regluing and cleaning the rims made me realize they were not worth it for my level of racing.  

I use Michelin Mud-2's, or Maxxis Raze - both good and recommended Cross clinchers.  There are a lot of other new clinchers out there - check Specialized and Challenge - which have received very positive reviews.

I have an update - I just purchased some Challenge Fango open tubulars (i.e. clinchers).  Wow! - they really feel like the tubular version I ran a few years go - the only difference being, I could run the tubs about 10-12 psi lower.  These seem like the best clinchers I used so far - the key is in the supple casing - 300 tpi.  They are much better than my Mud-2's for both traction while cornering and also mud shedding, so I'm looking forward to racing on them this year. 

Same psi as the Mud-2s but a better overall ride?

Everyone I know rides clinchers, some tubeless! I've seen tublars but not many.

all clinchers for road riding and the meager bit of racing I still do

tubulars for cross racing and race practices

clinchers for general cross riding and adventuring, but beginning to lean towards tubeless here, may experiment this year

I am running the full line up of |Clement clinchers on Easton Tubeless wheels and love them.

Going to give Shimano 6700 tubeless clinchers and Kenda Kommando tubeless a try. So far in training they have felt great. Although I have never ridden tubulars.

How low of a PSI are you running with that combo?

I am running 30-32 front, and 35 rear. I do add about 5 psi on rooty single track. I have had NO issues with burping, just don"t like the sound of my rims bottoming out. I'm 165 lbs.

Btw I was running the new challange fango clinchers at 40-45 psi during some practice runs with no issues. I'm 185lbs. I ran the Mud 2's about the same but the fangos are much more grippy and I don't feel nearly the amount of bumps.

Are you running the Fangos tubeless?  If so on what rims?

Thanks for the info, I'd love to run those on my Stan's 340s but have heard that the Challlenge clinchers aren't good for tubeless setups.


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