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Asthma and Cold Air Breathing in CX -- any suggestions?

I have ridden CX for about a decade. Not well, but I like it nonetheless. One thing that makes it particularly difficult is that I have both cold-induced and exercise-induced Asthma. This makes me both stupid and a glutton for punishment. Invariably, there will be one race afterwhich I get bronchitis and am shut down for about a month. Not much fun there. I've tried the balaclava and scarf to little avail.

I'm looking at trying one of these personal respiratory heat exchange masks, which seem to have good feedback, but there seems to be the trade the cold air input for restricted flow.


Any suggestions or experiences that have proved helpful for you?

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I have the same you take Allbuterol? I have to take it if it's going to be cold out and then I'm fine.
Yep. I use a rescue inhaler, but on the rougher days I still have to a) monitor my breathing and b) end up with an URI with the associated doctor visit. I am thinking I may just have to move a couple months off the calendar and only do the CX that is in the fall, if I don't find a better solution.

Advair twice a day.reduces and prevents inflammation(steroid based inhaler).Prednisone for the bronchitus ...reduces the infammation.

good luck,


I take Advair as well, once daily. That product has changed my life. I have an Albuterol rescue inhaler that I use sometimes after my warm up. For me, I do best when I can warm up slowly, and take a moment to evaluate how I'm feeling after my first hard practice lap. As my heart rate drops I usually feel my chest tighten, but not always, that's when I'll use the rescue inhaler. One dose is almost always enough if I catch the trouble early. The more gradual my warm up is the fewer problems I have.



Ok, do you take anything preventative rather than just a rescue inhaler, like Qvar? That might help.

dad was an allergist/ asthma specialist retired, outside of the medicine you can also find someone who can or I should say willing to do a little work on your chest.  If you are lying on your back have a friend wife or better someone with a massage background or pt background.  Have them knell above your head and place both of their hands on your chest, working from high to low on a in breath you picture filling their hands on an outbreath they apply pressure to support air moving out like an accordian.  This can be done from clavicle down to the lower ribs and also hands on the side of the ribs.  OBV do this in a warm place prior to racing see if it helps.

good luck

Appreciate all the insights. I really want to do more outside when it's chilly. Thanks!


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