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Does anyone have any information about Barum cyclo-cross tires? They were manufactured by a company in one of the countries aligned with the former Soviet Union in the 1980s; therefore, their availability was scarce. I've only recently ever heard of them; and, unfortunately, I've never seen one.



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Barum is a company that had to change their name to Rubena after Continental purchased the brandname Barum.

The site for the company can be found here:
Hi Mackenzie, Thanks for the update. Have you ever seen or used Barum 'cross tires?
I can't say I have Dan, or heard of anyone using them in 'cross. Why the interest in such an obscure brand?
Hi Mackenzie, I'm writing an article on the history of cyclo-cross tires for the magazine. Every one of the old-school European guys I've been in contact with have mentioned Barum tires, and I'd never heard of them nor seen them before. It sounds like they were some of the best tires of their day. Thanks again for the information.
You should hit up Adam Myerson or Paul Curley.
According to Myerson they were a precursor to Tufo. He was sponsored by them at some point.

I think I have one around somewhere.  It still is mounted on a wheel and holds air.  Tough tires rarely punctured.  All 28s.  The road versions were also tough, but road like a rock.

Chuck South

Wow! That is awesome. I've never seen that tread. Thanks for posting this. I'll try and get ahold of Adam; I'm interested to hear his thoughts on how those tires were.

Thanks again for posting the photo.

i have got a lot old cx-tires

what do you wanno know-have ?

Hi Elmar,  Thanks for chiming in. Really, I'm looking for images of the older Barum, Wolber, Clement, and Hutchinson tires. Several riders have talked about the Hutchinsons; although, I didn't realize that they made tubulars for cyclo-cross many years ago. If you have any to share, please send them along to me. I think they would help the article a lot.


Thanks again Elmar. I appreciate your response.


I have a nice sampling of a few old cyclocross tubulars.

I've got a pair of unused Barums, with what I call the "dot" pattern, and are very narrow, I doubt wider than 27c. (previously owned by Andy Hampsten). I might be trying to sell these soon to finance new cyclocross goodness.

I've got a used Wolber with the same "dot" pattern, also close to 27c.

I'm currently commuting on a set of chevron-treaded "UFO cyclocross" that measure 27mm.. (That's right, "UFO" evidently became "TUFO" and I wish I knew the story there).

Not quite as old I've got a TUFO "Rhino"


I'll try to compile some photographic evidence when I'm home this evening.


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