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I have an aluminum cross fame that beats the crap out of me on some of the dry, bumpy NoCal venues we have. (Yes I have tubs @ 28 psi and carbon bars).

It had an Impella fork on it, but it needs to be replaced.

What fork would you recommend to help smooth out the ride a bit?

I weigh 150 lbs.

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Texas courses can be bumpy - certainly doing laps on the motocross course at the Dirt Derby can rattle the teeth. Believe it or not, I put an overstock carbon fork off a Trek Fitness series bike (7.5fx, 7.6fx, or 7.7fx) on my Kona Jake and it make a HUGE difference, as well as shaving a bunch of weight. Just played polo on it the other night and it holds up great.
I have an Easton aluminum frame with a Reynolds Ouzo ProCross fork, and love it--it's pricy but a good ride, and has survived the requisite crashes none the worse for wear. We don't have many bone-dry 'cross courses here in New England, but last December we did have one where the ground was dry AND frozen, and the jarring wasn't too bad. Then again, I probably wouldn't have noticed the jarring because it was 25 degrees out and I could barely feel my feet while remounting.

Anyway. FWIW, I don't have carbon bars, and I run my tire pressure a few psi higher than yours... I weigh in the low 120s, but have clinchers.


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