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I will try to keep this as short as passable to not boar you to death.  Back in Feb of 2015 I decided to purchase a pair of Bont Vaypor XC shoes.  On the fist ride one of the rubber lugs fell off.  Then after less then a month of ridding and no more then 500 miles of dirt roads the shoes totally fell apart.  The uppers came undone from the souls and my foot would come out the side of both shoes.  Side note; generally shoes last me 3 to 4 years.  

$310 dollars down the drain.  So my local LBS and I started to email Bont Warranty back in April.  I did not get any response from them for almost two months.  So, I turned to Facebook IM and finally got a response from the CEO of Bont, Steven Nemeth.  He apologized for the issue and promised to "personally take care of the issue" and send me a new pair of shoes.  That was May 27 and as of Dec 16, 2015 I still do not have shoes!

Every month I send a follow up email and so far all I have heard is one excuse after another from Steven.  So far the responses that I have got are, "What, you did not receive the shoes yet?, Those should of been sent a crazy long time ago, I will got to the factory floor and personally pick a pair, the shoes that I picked out of the factory were the wrong size and had a fault on them, Sorry,"

Back in September Steven told me that he was "sorry for the delay" and said that he would also send me a pair of road shoes as an apology.  That was almost 4 months ago and nothing.  

The frustrating part is the shoes were expensive and fell completely fell apart after a month of riding. I would of been perfectly fine if Bont and Steven would of replaced the defective shoes in a timely manner.  But, its been 9 months of promises and all I have to show for it is a pair of un usable $310 wastes of money.  I can honestly say that this is the worst purchase and customer service that I have ever had to deal with.  

I am looking for Ideas on how to get Bont to actually do the right thing and replace my shoes as promised.    

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Update...Bont finally sent me my warranty shoes.  I recieved them on 1/4/16, so it took just over 9 months.  A little frustrating to say the least.  The ones that I received are a new updated version of the Vaypor XC.  This shoe has been completely redone for what looks like the better.  Closure is now a BOA system with a Velcro strap.  The lugs on the soul are a big improvement as well.  Even the toe box has been slimmed down a bit. To me, the new Vaypor XC is a much improved shoe in all aspects.  Now lets hope that it can hold up to normal wear and tear. 



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