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We're still racing here in Georgia with temps at 24 at race time. Yikes! It's not usually this cold so I don't want to get full winter boots but does anyone have any experience with booties for cross? Any that have open soles so they don't get too trashed? I was investigating the PI Amfibs? I was fine out there except for my toes. I have some other options but was thinking I needed mtb booties anyway....Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I had some toastitoes yesterday and will probably just go with that. Unfortuantely, I ripped open the toastitoes and couldn't use them (d'oh!). Goretex socks were also recommended.
The shoe covers always come off the toes part way through the race so you not only have cold feet but now have floppy shoe covers. Neoprene socks and/or some sort of warmer work great.
I've used the Grabber Toe Warmer product that is similar to the ToastiToes mentioned above. We can typically get them at local sports or outdoors stores during the fall/winter months for a couple of bucks each.

They are a godsend in cold weather racing/riding. Here in MI, our races start getting cold weather in mid/late Oct. Last year we had a race where the start temp was 17°F in Nov. And our State Champs race in Dec last year was in the teens with snow and wind chills below 0°! With the toe warmers all I needed was a nice, thick pair of wool socks and the toe warmer placed above the toes (in the shoe). I like using the Smartwool Adrenaline Midweight crew socks with Toe Warmers in races/rides below 30­°.

When you use the Toe Warmers, I recommend placing them right above the forefoot/toe area. There's a strip of adhesive that'll allow them to stick to your socks. Just make sure your shoes are fully loosened so that you can stick your foot in the shoe and not let the warmer move too much out of place. This will allow them to cover your forefoot/toes right where shoes typically have mesh/ventilation.

I haven't had to use them in really soaking wet situations yet, so I don't know how they'll work for that...

Hope that helps,
Cross in Colorado can be wicked cold. I use windstopper socks over wool socks inside my shoes and that works like a charm.
I tried the booties thing... yes.. floppy toes... couldn't get clipped in.. major issue. Believe it or not.. using a simple plastic shopping bag over base layer socks, followed by good pair of woolie socks over that made a Huge difference. Cheap fix


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