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Cervelo has built prototypes for the pros ..and rumors abound....
and now we ask ..if they build it ..will they come?...will they buy?
What are your thoughts on Cervelo building a cross bike???

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I used to work at a shop that carries Cervelo. When Jonathan Page rode a Cervelo I asked my sales rep when we could see them in our store, his reply left much to be desired. They had a video on their website that showed how rugged their bikes were by riding on dirt roads in the snow and you get a glimpse of their cross bike but it was really to show off their road bikes. Their thing is "making the best road bikes in the world", so that said, I don't get the feeling that they are going to enter the production cx frameset world anytime soon, otherwise we would see them all over the place by now. I'm thinking that the monetary commitment to the Cervelo Test Team will not allow room for production cross bike frames in the near future because, let’s face it, stage wins at Le Tour sells more bikes to a wider demographic than a world class Cyclocross National Champion killing it in the States and Belgium ever would, as sad as that is. But then again they could have one for the 2010/2011 season so you never know…
I asked Cervelo about it a few years ago, they told me not to hold my breath and buy something else, I did. I would vaguely be interested in one if they were in production now but they would have to convince me it was the best frame out there.
I would have bought a Cervelo CX frame a few years back but now the Cervelo luster has come and gone (for me). It doesn't mean that they won't come out with one. Cross is getting more popular than ever. Cervelo has a very large Tri and Fred base so if they offered a CX bike, it would probably tailor more to them
just adding the original attachment inline:

I like how they have a fork mounted cable hanger "mounted" to the seatstay pretty slick. But I did just notice that the other picture shows the cable routing is under the top tube ...ouchy.
Well the bike there in the second picture looks to be a modified RS, where as I think the original picture is Page's custom built frame from a few years ago.

If the TestTeam had someone in it who raced cross in the winter (I was thinking Lars Boom but I haven't seen his name at any events this year - I know he was focusing on road but I thought he'd do a few), it'd be interesting to see what they do then but don't think they have anyone.

Cross is massive in northern europe, but I can't imagine many riders wanting to pay the amount an R3/RS frame costs for 'cross. The local shop team here who also sponsor a rider racing in Belgium/Super Prestige/GVA are on the new Scott frames. At 2,500GBP for the frame alone, no-one else is using them in our league though - they got a good deal from Scott. I imagine here in the UK it would be a similar story for Cervelo. All depends how expensive I think.

Is Hammond still riding for them?
He's still on the rosta on their website, but I think it's a bit out of date.

Not seen his name on any of the WC, Super Prestige or GVA start grids this season. Which doesn't mean he hasn't done any, but I think it would take a rider who was committed to a full program of World Cup/Nats races to sway a bike sponsor?
Great feedback by all ..and I love the pix you guys have ..thank you.
We can only hope that cervelo realizes that cross is growing at a steady clip and if those who are die hard roadies are inclined to pick it up to keep pace, then why allow one of their customers throw a leg over another brand for cross.
Yes, your much lighter wallet will make it easier to pop wheelies and to accelerate ;-)


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