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Does anyone know the correct contact for challenge tires warranty questions. I have a new grifo tubular that has significant tread separation after 1 race that was the first ride on the tire

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Bill Marshall
National Marketing & Sponsorship Director
Challenge Tires
I don't know if this is secret information, but Myerson told a group of us this:

Unfortunately, this is a problem with hand made tires in general.

The tire is fine, though. Go to any automotive store and pick up a tube of Fast Tack trim adhesive:

Make sure you get the 08031 model number. We used to use Fast Tack to glue tubulars, but they changed something in the formula and people stopped using it. But it's still ideal for regluing tread to the tire, but not the tire to the rim.

You don't need much of it, so use it sparingly.
Usually you are SOL when you glue up a tire. Try contacting Bill or just reglue the tread onto the casing. I really don't think its worth ripping off the tire, sending it to Bill, wait a few weeks, maybe get a new tire, maybe wait a few more weeks to get a tire, then regluing the tire to the rim.

Or spend 5 minutes and use fasttack to fix the tread


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