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Besides the main website, where are pictures being posted? At races, I see numerous people with professional looking cameras snapping away. Link me, please! I'd like to see last week's race at Bartlett.

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People usually post them to Flickr. Search for photos tagged with 'cyclocross' and 'chicago' and you'll find most of them. Make the photographers contacts of yours, and you'll see when they've posted new ones. There are some from Bartlett and even today's race up now.

Can find everything but today's St Charles race. I saw pics from '07, but not today. Be a pal and link me. Thanks, man....
Bartlett Photos

St. Charles 4A&4B

More St. Charles photos to come later this week...
Here are my photos from the 1/2/3 and 4a/b's at St. Charles
I'd love any links from Northbrook! Thanks!


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