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I'm a bit of a coffee snob, anyone have a favorite roaster/blend/origin?


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In Eugene, OR you really can't do better than otherwise Peets is probably the best you can buy most places.

In Denver, Novo Coffee is very good (and priced to match, so I haven't tried a lot of it).


Nossa Famila in Portland, OR makes a lovely Italian roast I've grown fond of. It's on the dark side, but not too dark, with a rich flavor that isn't bitter. Yum.
Never had nor heard of it, will definitely give it a try!

If you want really good coffee, is the place to be.

But we don't ship to the States I think :(

I'm sure this does not qualify but it's what I like.


Micky D's caramel iced coffee.


There.  I said it.

check out great coffee they are cyclist and support the local CX scene.

My favorite for home brew up here in Santa Rosa, CA is Taylor Maid Farms.  They are oragnic, fair trade and the coffee comes in recycled steel cans that you can refill at local grocery stores.  But if you are in the area you have to go to The Flying Goat coffee shop, either in Santa Rosa or Headlesburg.  It is an experience.



CX Nation

I drink Transcend Coffee, a roaster out of Edmonton, AB (where I used to live). I got to be friends with the folks there, so I know their credentials (a certified chef and barista champion was the master roaster for a good long time, for instance).


I have a super-auto for espresso (because I'm too lazy to learn how to pull good shots myself) and I brew by french press. I've recently started filtering the press coffee through a hario paper filter system, since it turns out that brewing by french press (or other methods that are non-filtered) allow cafestol to be present in the coffee. Cafestol is present in the coffee oils, and is a powerful agent for raising LDL cholesterol, which happens to be a problem for me. 


My favourite coffee is Harrar, but I can make due with a Yirgacheffe in a pinch. I'm working through a nice bag of La Joya at the moment, though, and Kiamabara is a good standby. I tend towards the more citrus/fruit flavours in coffee (hence my love of Harrar, and the blueberry aftertaste).

I recently switched from Peets to BlueBottle, I'm very happy!
+1 to Verve out of Santa Cruz, CA!  Buddy I went to school with is a mgr there.  They put their heart and soul into their roasts.
I really like they have some really good  brews. They also sponsor my team so that's even better. I drink a lot of coffee and this stuff still gives me some get up and go !


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