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Hi, i'm looking for a cross frame. I ride a 52cm road frame. Is it true i should go down a size for a cross bike? i am looking at a Redline conquest pro 2010. Anyone have any experience with this bike? if someone has a frame for sale i might look into that.

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There's a lot of versions of 52cm frame out there so take a look at your road geometry including Bottom Bracket drop (very important) and how they measure a 52, there's a lot of variation.
You will use a little short reach for the cross bike however it could be as little as 5mm to 1cm. You will run your bars higher than your road bike which is not a problem for cross bikes. Bottom bracket drop varies among cross frame which will affect your stand over clearance (minor issue) and height you have to jump on the bike (larger issue.) The less BB drop results in a taller frame, this is where some manufacturers get a little goofy. They run a tall frame forcing you to run a smaller frame size but match the frame with the corresponding top-tube size which more often than not is shorter than your road bike... Now think MTB. There's a good reason why MTB's run a longer toptube with a shorter stem, more bike infront of you which produces better turn in and better steep dropoff stability.
Basically take a look at your road geometry, compare the seat angle (you don't want slacker seat angles) top-tube, bb drop and headtube length depending on if they use a traditional headset and IS
thanks. my dad and i looked at my stand over height on my road and stand over on the cross bike. it is 4cm higher on the cross bike. is this a problem?
you're less concerned about standover (assuming you have some) but more with reach (top tube length) and bottom bracket drop, as mark indicated.

standover can vary despite the same bb drop / height, and vice versa due to sloping or compact frames. to follow mark's advice, what you may want to look for is a similar length bike (tt) if not a little shorter, and something doesn't have your seat that much higher than your road saddle relative to the ground.

good luck.
Check out my 2009 Ridley Crossbow frameset - 50cm. Ridley has "different" geometry, so be sure to check it out.


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