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Hey All,

As I get the steed ready for my first race of the season in a couple of weeks I was debating what gearing to use. I currently run stock gearing on my Gary Fisher cross bike (11-26 and double chain ring up front). I was thinking of chaining to 12-28 and single ring (42 to 46) up front. What are your thoughts. I race in New England.

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If you can push a 46 single I say go for it, but be warned - you better have tree trunks for legs!  What cain rings are you currently running on your double setup?     

I have a 36 single up front and a 11-28 cassette

42t is reasonable.  I also race in New England and have all the high/low gear I need for our courses, but i run a 30t cog in the back. 

It depends on what your courses are like and knowing what gearing will be optimum. I liked the single ring and raced it one year but I also found it to be limiting as well and have stuck with a double since. If you are going to go for it I would suggest a 42 up front. Make sure you shorten your chain by a link or two, a chainring outer guard and some kind of chain watcher otherwise it will come off.


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