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Ok so I subscribed to the CX magazine iphone app and recieved issue 15. My subscription on the app says that it is good until 3/13/2013 but for some reason I have only issue 15 available to download and read. Why am I not being notified of new editions when they are available. I paid the annual subscription fee.

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Ouch!  Well, I hope the "main guy" heals quickly and that my little subscription issue doesn't put a damper on another riders rest and recovery.  

Hey guys,

I'm sorry I've been AWOL. As the Chief Lackey here I should have been more active in this thread. I am finally back up to speed after a nasty accident end of March/early April and must apologize that you guys have been in the dark as to the digital magazine, and we're trying to catch up quickly in our operations and also make things right.

Issue 16 is now available on Uberflip/Mygazines, although much later than expected, but we're still waiting for approval from Apple on that (The Apple Newsstand project has been a learning experience for sure). The approval/release should be hopefully ready in under two weeks but we don't have control of the timing but it has been submitted through our Apple publishing partner. We'll post an update as soon as it's ready, right here in this thread.

A little explanation for our unacceptable delay here, not that it matters: Our goal was to enhance the digital version with more pages and photos since real estate isn't such a premium as it is in print, adding 20 pages of expanded photos and making a few design changes and even a custom cover. We were mostly done to meet our early deadline when our upload license kicks in, but sadly I took a bad spill (many behind-the-scenes parts of CXM are still a one-man operation) and landed in the ICU and was out of commission for several weeks. It was an overly ambitious plan to enhance what was already great, and after being off a computer for a month and reduced time after that (due to doctor's orders) it wasn't until late May when we could revisit the files, and get things going again. In retrospect I should have just tried to find someone to get it done, but not much of me was functioning very well at the time, including decision making.

But we're finally up to full speed now, and regardless of the reasons behind it, you guys bought something and expected something and we aim to deliver, and can guarantee that Issue 17 will be a much smoother delivery and inline with the print magazine.

For all of you Apple subscribers here in this thread, we'll be sending you a username and pw via pm right here so you can read it on uberflip in the time being, and will be posting an update as soon as it's available on the Newsstand. And if you are reading this but haven't posted in the thread and would like to take advantage of that, just PM me or email us at subscribe@ and we'll get that going so you don't have to wait any longer.

We hope the contents can make the wait worthwhile, but my sincere apologies again for holding this all up due to a stupid fall and not having enough resources in place to have a good back up plan. 

Thanks for your understanding, and let me know what else we can do.


Thanks Andrew and sorry to hear about your accident (having spent my own time in an ICU I feel your pain). Heal quickly and thanks for putting Cyclocross Magazine together.   

Thanks David for the kind words, and sorry again to keep you and the rest of the early digital subscribers waiting. You will hopefully see me a lot more in the forums now! 

Sweet!  BTW- thanks for the uberflip access to issue 16 and the archive issues.; it's almost too much bike porn to handle all at once (my wife is growing suspicious about why I'm spending so much time in the spare bedroom :).  




Here's the long-awaited update - Issue 16 has been approved for Apple is ready for download. My apologies on the long wait. We're going to continue to refine a few things with the Apple version and process...we're committed to making it 100% awesome. 

No problem, David, glad that helped ease the pain.  Here's a direct/better link to us on iTunes, for all those who want to try us on apple.  Next issue we expect to arrive sometime in July!

Thanks for the understanding and patience. 

When I click on the iTunes link and enter through iTunes, it says that I have to pay $5.99 for the issue and won't let me open it.

Jim, if you're a subscriber, just open the issue on the Newsstand and click "Latest Edition" on the "My Editions" page.  We're trying to find out why it doesn't seem to be alerting people with the nice little blue "new" badge on the cover...  Hope that helps.

The iTunes link were for others who haven't yet installed/purchased but are curious. I believe it's smart enough not to double charge you and figure out you're a subscriber, but Apple is the biggest company in the World (by market cap) for a reason, so all bets are off. 

Let me know if you're still stuck. 

It worked for me :)


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