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I have to cry to my brotherin!!! What is up with sportsbaseonline? Normally i wouldn't care, but this is beyond sad...........

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Looks like USA cycling is on it:

Inline Attachment Follows: Official Communique.txt

"Announcing to all amateur cyclists including junior, master, and elite categories: Due to the overwhelming interest in national championship events, we are instituting a new registration procedure. Call ups on the day of the event will still be in order of registration; however, registration will open on an unannounced day and at an unannounced time. It could be tomorrow for 2010 road nationals or maybe it will be one month and 6 days prior to the event. This will ensure that the registration website is not overwhelmed with all participants trying to register at once, and will also add a bit of fun and competition to the whole procedure. We are all about fun. We have not decided yet, but we may open different categories at different dates and times, of course, still unannounced. We sincerely hope that this works better than our current procedure and allows us to serve our membership in an efficient manner."
So basically USAC is saying that:

1. We can't design a way to do this fairly so we're going to base seeding for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS on registration order.

2. We know that our method of seeding is going to crash the server that is being used for registration.

So instead of reevaluating our procedures and resources designated for this, we just not going to tell anyone when it's going to happen, because that will make it more fun?
actually I just made that "official" sounding announcement up. but it does sound like something they might do.....
Sad how close to true that was though. And something needs to be done to improve the situation. I used to race triathlons and USAT set clear guidelines on how to get to nationals. And they maintained an all encompassing annual ranking of everyone, why can't USAC get something together?


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