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Twice the gear, half the time racing.


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Double the fun

An acquaintance of mine said this following his first CX race:

" I feel like cross racing is like the first time you ever tried cocaine. What a rush! Oh you’ve never done coke? Well I’m sure you’ve seen a few movies about folks that have and saw what a great time they were having living it up before coke ruined their lives. Right? Yeah, well I feel like cross is going to ruin my life with it’s addictive nature, fancy wheelsets, carbon fiber frames, 198 bpm heart rate beating out of your chest, blurred vision, bunny hopping barriers, warm PBR hand ups, botched super man re-mounts that have you landing on your “meat & potatoes” before your foot ever clips in. It’s so much fun but like a one night stand it’s over with before you know it." 

I believe that pretty much nails it.

Well stated; after 12 years racing in CA, OR, MN, MI, or wherever else I've managed to reside,  I'm inclined to fully agree. I try not to drink the marketing kool-aid and think I need to drop a couple of Gz on a fancy wheel-set or the latest frame. But all other events being equal gear-wise, I definitely feel drawn to cx more for the pure raw fun factor, grassroots community and camaraderie. The cross-crusade races and USGP events I managed to get to over the years produce so much great positive energy that it's hard not to feel like you have to be a part of it. I'll take it over sitting in a fishing boat or whacking a stupid ball around on a golf course any time, any place.

Yes, all good! I also saw a post on how to get lapped in 'cross - to paraphrase: "Cyclocross is like a mullet; all business up fron and party in the back".

I tell people that right after the last lap at a 'cross race you are so fried you want nothing to do with it and question your sanity. 15 minutes later you're ready to line up again.

I haven't raced anything else but I really enjoy 'cross. CapCity (Ohio) has a great scene with a lot of really good people to hang out with. Guys that I get to race hard against, badger each other all week, and applaud each other's efforts afterwards.  


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