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Does anyone know who is broadcasting the World Championships on Sunday?

Last year, Universal Sports broadcast the Worlds and I was wondering is anyone knew of a similar arrangement this year. Doesn't seem that Universal is doing it this go 'round.

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Starts @ 2 pm Tabor time, 6 hour difference from the east coast(8am).
Just to make sure I don't screw this up, it'll be on Sporza at 7am CST? Will that link go straight to it or is there somewhere on the web page I need to look. I don't speak Flemish very well, so I had a bit of trouble navigating but I did see the "radio/tv" tab. Thanks for the help!
Sporza has been geo-restricting the broadcast all season - i.e. not allowing IP addresses from the US access the live feed. I can't imagine that this would change for the World Championships.
Looks to be the same from the UK too. I can only get the highlights/last lap after the event feeds to work.

Also after the event, but I imagine it'll get posted here:
Last year, he provided a download of the entire elite race at quality suitable for burning to DVD.

I've been using
But yeah, it's also not in english
That's all I know of
Well, that just worked nicely for me to watch the juniors. Didn't see the guy from our league though :-(
Let's not forget the coverage that you're favorite cross magazine and website is providing. We'll have interviews with American racers before and after and will have several folks on the ground in Tabor.
Thanks for the tips. I saw Greg Keller found something for some world cups, but he seems to know his way around computer blockades. I'll probably follow the live feed, but watching it on TV was such an enjoyable experience last year, I was hoping to replicate it. You know, a cycling nerd's version of a SuperBowl party. Dustin, I'll give that blog a try but if anyone figures something out in the next few days, I'd love to hear it! Thanks again.
just like last year, universal just made a late release that they'll do it, 9am pst for men/women, and online only. other races on demand.
Do you have a link for the "on line only" portion?
This is all I was able to find:

I'm planning a party around the event. The BVLS feed is pretty grainy. I'm hoping the Universal Sports coverage is a bit better.


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