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if someone was to write an article for us on performing enhancing drugs in the 'cross scene, probably focused on europe, what questions would you want answered? is it of any interest?

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I personally don't need to see ANYTHING more written about drugs in any cycling related (or any other for that matter) sport. At this point, it won't raise awareness OR stop such behavior. To discuss certain individuals' past use and their teary-eyed confessions is simply giving these people more press, whether in a positive or negative light. I also don't care to know what products are being used legally or illegally, their claimed benefits and medical drawbacks, or whatever else could be written. Dopers suck!

Also, a US based magazine writing apparent negative things about European racers or the racing scene could appear as jealousy or finger-pointing frustration (a la Greg Lemond or any French tabloid newspaper's coverage of Lance Armstrong's expected return). Please don't get mired in negativity, write about the positive things and up-and-coming racers we need to look for, that's way more positive for kids and newbies to the sport. Positive role models and fun, not competitive actions at any cost and suspect behavior, please.

If we're talking about performance enhancing activities other than drugs, perhaps trying to find a difference in the Euro's training methods vs. North American racers' training would be interesting (why can't a top domestic racer attain a consistent top 5 status over there?). That could come from a whole series of interesting interviews with coaches, nutritionists, physicians, athletes, officials, and all-knowing journalists of course.
great feedback, keep it coming. all-knowing journalists? hmm, none of those here. hah!
Personally I've always been kind of curious as too whether or not it goes on in cross(I know it does or did)but I just can't be bothered to care about the cheaters anymore. I'm happy that new "clean" riders are moving up the ranks and hope the old guard moves along. Besides I was heartbroken when Rasmussen got kicked out of the Tour (I'm a big Rabo fan) and just don't want to be disappointed anymore.
I've been wondering about this for awhile. 1) What drug testing do CX'ers undergo? 2) What drugs are CX'ers caught using and why that drug (I would think the type of racing would dictate a different substance abuse than RR'ing)? 3) Of course, riders opinions on drug use and penalties?
As an aside, ignoring drug use will not make it go away, that's been tried. I do agree that Dopers Suck...
it's an hour long race, not a 3 week stage race or a 7hour spring classics.

steroids= too much bulk
EPO= efforts aren't long enough to need that much recovery
HGH= they have pretty skin as it is

not saying that a few knuckle heads aren't experimenting with stuff, but in all reality the season and racing are too short.
There are a bunch of Knuckle heads taking Inhailers ;-(


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