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So I raced last year on a pair of SPDs and was fine mounting and dismounting but in some of the muddier races they got all clogged up with muck and became useless. So I decided to switch to Eggbeaters this year.

I'm having a bit of a problem though. I'm having trouble getting out of the left pedal when I'm moving at speed. Any thoughts? Do I just need to practice more on them? Will they eventually release a bit easier? I've got them set up with the 15 degree release, but it still seems to take more work to get out. Thoughts?

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I don't know exactly what trouble you're having but you may want to add a shim under the cleat. From my experience with several different shoes, some have needed a shim and some have not to make the float correct and difficulty/ease of getting in and out of the cleats correct. You're pedals should have come with several shims.
Shimming helps a lot. Experiment with this, they should be just as easy to get out of as SPDs.
Using the black plastic shim provided works well for me and may well solve the problem.

If it doesn't, there may be some interference going on between the tread on your shoe and the pedal. Some shoes play nicer with eggbeaters than others. If this is the case, you might have to carefully trim away the offending bits of tread.
Great info. I have the shims in now but will fiddle with it a bit and look at the tread a bit.

Need to get this stuff squared before teh first race at the end of July!!
Worn cleats also contribute to difficulty getting out and in. You have new ones on your shoes? I would suggest upgrading to cb's premium cleats. They last a lot longer that the cheaper brass ones that come with most pedals.
I'm actually on my second set of eggbeaters, I think they're really fantastic cross pedals. I had a similar issue with my right clip sticking, but after about two weeks they broke in, the spring tension eased up a bit and I never had any more trouble. I think after some use they'll soften up and be fine. That was the experience I had.
So I think I figured out what the problem was. The cleat was aligned in such a manner that my I would have to move my heel too far out to get the cleat to disengage. After adjusting the cleat so that my heel was a little closer to the crankarm, I was able to get the cleat to disengage smoothly and hop over barriers. Very much like the eggbeaters now.


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