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Late last year, I scored some wheels with Tufo Flexus Cubus tires glued and ready to roll.  Finally got to put them through the paces yesterday on some hard pack, loose dirt, wet grass - just about everything except serious mud.


Anybody have some insight as to what I might expect in terms of how tires with small block tread patterns tend to shed mud?  Having never ridden small block tire before, I'm skeptical - the aggressive tread looks like it will bite, but i can see it getting clogged pretty quickly.


FWIW, my initial impressions of this tire are very good - not as supple as other tubulars i've ridden, but these Tufos *HOOK UP* where some of the others would have left me with some nice grass stains and bloody knees.  and they roll on better on the hardpack than I thought they would - not file tread fast, but not draggy either.  I wasn't looking to change my tires, but the Flexus Cubus might get the call-up as the all-around-tire this year.

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There was a race at a pumpkin farm last year in western Washington, A buddy of mine in Cat 1,2's had serious issues with 4 and 5 inch mud paired up with wet, autumn, crab grass. Other than that, yes they are a good tire except for extreme CX conditions.
They are a highly regarded tire for the mud. In general that tread pattern performs really really well. Look at MX tires. If you get something like a Kenda Small Block they can clog but the Tufo design is a good one.

thanks for the responses. 


i never paid much attention to Tufo's offerings (they don't seem to get much love in general), but did another shakedown ride today and continue to be impressed.  i think i could get used to the slightly stiffer casing and not dealing with peeling tread/fragile sidewalls.  they'll be put to a "real" test soon enough . ..


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