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I need some new stuff to watch while I workout on the trainer this year. What are your favorite 'cross videos that I should add to my collection?

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I only own one cross DVD, which is "Pure Sweet Hell". It's pretty fantastic. There may be other cross flicks, but they must have horrid marketing folks because I've never heard of them. You can see a preview of that here: I highly recommend owning it.

There are a ton of great clips of on Youtube if you search 'cyclocross'. You could grab a bunch and burn them to a DVD for trainer sessions.

"A Sunday in Hell" is pretty dope as well. It isn't a cross flick, but it's Paris-Roubaix 1976, so it isn't all that different.
I'll second "A Sunday in Hell". Also the 2001 and 1994 Paris Roubaix. Worlds the year Page got second is incredible start to finish.
Yea, "A Sunday in Hell" is sweet. Also there is a dude Nathan Spear out in Internet-land who gets Flash videos from some dude in Belgium that is LIVE Sporza coverage. Awesome to watch. Haven't figger'd out how to burn them to a DVD yet, and am also beginning to learn some Flemish!
9-Ball Diaries is definitely worthwhile. I own most of the american made cyclocross dvd's. 9-Ball has the best video quality and race coverage of any of them. It is completely focussed on Tim Johnson, but I am fan of his, so that doesn't bother me.
Anyone familiar with 9 Ball Diaries, Tim Johnson's documentary? I have thought about ordering it, but have been unable to find out if it is worth it.
I'd recommend 9-Ball Diaries. Transition 2 as well. The original Transition is good but it focuses a little much on the rough time that Myerson was having that year.
Thanks fellas, that should help cut out some of the trainer tedium.
9 Ball is good.

Across the Pond is very good.

Also, Zero Traction is a killer for trainer workouts.
World Cycling Productions puts out decent cyclocross worlds DVDs.
(Just noticed how old this post is...)

"Transitions" is good especially if you like to see Adam Meyerson in the depths of angst about losing.


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