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Is it worth my while to treat my steel frame with JP Weigle Frame Saver? Or am I better off spraying it full of WD-40 every 3 months or so?

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JP Weigle is good stuff and you don't need to use it very often - once every two years is generally sufficient. WD-40 is a bad idea in general as it would strip the grease away from your BB & headset bearings.
I was also considering boiled linseed oil...but after reading the pros and cons of all my options, I ended up ordering the JP Weigle. Should be here buy the end of the week. Thanks.
I am not familiar with Frame Saver, but if you had a disassembled frame you could take it to a body shop and have them spray it with wax based rustproofing
which is pretty close to what the JP Weigle stuff is... wax/linseed oil/carrier based rustproofing.

WD-40 ain't gonna do any good.

T-9 would be a good alternative. It works great as an anti-corrosion coating, which is what it was designed for by Boeing anyway. T-9 is pretty thin, but very effective.

Something called Fluid film works just as well. It is a lanolin based product.
I would go with the Weigle because of the name and the support of a frame builder.
fluid film though. That stuff is flat out incredible.

I've had years of experience with that stuff in the corrosive salt of Michigan. it is amazing. the nice thing about it: it cleans up with hot soapy water. Hot water doesn't really move it around much and cold water doesn't do anything. It will stay on a vertical surface and despite looking "wet" it doesn't go anywhere.

To summarize... In order of preference (although first and second are interchangeable)
Fluid Film
JP Weigle
Boesheild T-9
I don't want to hijack the thread, but has anyone used Fluid Film as a chain/ der brake pivot lube?
i wouldn't use it for chain... too sticky. Same reason i've stopped using T-9 as a chain lube. Picks up too much dirt.

i actually use it to oil my foam air filter in the car.

Best lube for CX i've every used is the EVerLube stuff. ErikV's recipe is killer. Narry a chain problem through the season, and even now with riding in slushy 15 degree weather with salt and all that - the chain is kicking ass (no rust all happy)... that's the chain lube to use. (cheap too, ~$12-15/gallon).
Frame saver is the way to go. Easy to use. Hit all your tubes if they are not sealed every 2 years. Seat tube once a year if you get into the muck.
I use LPS-3. Recommended to me by several frame builders. It's about half the price of Weigle and much more widely available.


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