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I have noticed that many pros and others don't use gloves in cross unless its really REALLY cold. Personally I rarely if ever do a ride of any type without mine.
Do you use gloves?
If not, why?
I am not sure why many don't. Its not like its too hot.
Please help me understand

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I always used to wear gloves until I blew one out and had to ride without. I love riding without gloves! I know the saftey factor, but I figure I always wear my helmet. Riding without gloves feels good...
after nearly 30 years of racing my bike, i've crashed far too many times to not wear gloves. i remember a few crashes that even with gloves my hands were like hamburger and i can't imagine what they would have been without.

in 'cross, the ground is usually softer than pavement but i still prob hit the ground once in every four races in some fashion. well, maybe not that much but close (two crashes this year in 14 races?) i have to use my hands to wrench and type and ride so the protection is worth it, even if I don't look pro.

lastly, i really do think a padded glove takes a bit of an edge off on top of a soft tire and nice bar tape. if that extra bit of control can help me go faster, bonus.

I've got the bad habit of tossing gloves in the 'heat' of racing. I wore some summer weight full fingers on Sunday at the Kansas Champs (maybe 45 degrees at my start), but flung 'em off on lap two. The guy that manages the recycling park in Mol, Belgium is probably still using the gloves I forgot to pickup at World's a few year's back. I don't know why, because I'm always waaay cold warming up, but once I start racing my hands get hot. I do race without often.
Tim Johnson will tell you that he can "feel" the course better.
twice this year during racing i've had my glove (AXO full finger, no padding on the palm) get caught in the STI shifter... other than that i like the gloves, esp when grabbing a wet muddy down tube.

no gloves certainly is pro, but i bash my hands up enough, and as much as I like riding w/o them, it just feels better to wear them - even when they do get stuck... and my gloves match the team kit so hey, that's pretty close to "pro" no?
I prefer no gloves.
weird manual dexterity thing.

when I was skateboarding, I would wear gloves except for when I was trying my hardest stuff, then I needed to take them off.

weird habit that i brought with me riding. It's just a feel thing...

I'm not following those who feel they need more dexterity than gloves afford. Either your gloves are really thick, or you're doing something different... last I checked you don't use your fingers much to ride your bike.
I didn't say it makes sense, it's just how it is.
that being said, when it's cold I do use gloves...
I'm with FM. I detest gloves for the most part. I almost never wear them on the road unless I have to.

I do wear them off-road (and for 'cross) simply as protection. I'd rather not miss a day of training because of a blister or an easily avoidable scrape.
Are you really going to miss a day of training because of a blister? What are you a baseball pitcher? :)
I always wear gloves. For one, my hands get cold really easily. Secondly, I seem to crash a lot mountain biking so I always wear gloves and it just seems to make sense for 'cross too.
I prefer light, unpadded gloves in cross for protection; the dry Colorado courses have plenty of slippery corners where my gloves have definitely saved my skin more than once while racing.

Otherwise I prefer to go without them unless the weather mandates it.


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