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With the weather turning the corner (kinda), does anyone know of any singletrack trails within a half-hour of Seattle that would be good for a 'cross bike?  Ideally, I'd love to find some longer, non-technical loops to allow for a combo of fitness and handling training.

The more non-technical stuff that I've been able to look up has all been pretty far away and the information's been a bit sketchy.  I'd just hate to take a gamble and lose a whole day.


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Check the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance Top 10 Trails Near Seattle.   Not on this list but one of my alltime favorites is  South Seatac it is still rideable, we used to have races there. Hope this helps.

My two favorite rides for the CX bike are St. Edwards and the Thrilla Route.  Of course I am on the north end of the lake so I ride what is close and convient for me.  St. Edward falls on the more technical of what the cross bike can do while the Thrilla is much more on the fitness end of things with a bit of single track thrown in (EMBA has a group rolling every Thurs on this route).

On my way to S Seatac now to check it out.


I just rode the Tolt Pipeline Trail and part of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. About 100km/60mi round trip from my place in Ballard. Definitely non-technical but a beautiful area and lots of fun.

Message me if you'd like to meet up for a ride.

I rode the Thrilla Route yesterday on my cross bike (Van Dessel G&T). It's a great training route with a mix of pavement, gravel, hard packed dirt, and softer (sometimes muddy) sections through forests. It's an extremely beautiful ride and a great training route with nice serpentine curves up and downhill through the Redmond Watershed.

I left my house in Ballard, rode 35km to the start of the trail, and returned home for 95km total (70km road, 25km offroad). It's shorter if you start at the RedHook brewery. The directions below seem intimidating but there are only a few turns that you couldn't figure out just by reading trailside signage.

There were two short hills that were difficult on a cross bike (38/46 crank, 12-28 cassette). I turned those into runups and rode the rest.

We're fortunate to have such a great route so close to the metropolitan Seattle area. I'll be riding this route regularly on weekends. Message me if anyone is interested in riding it together.

Details: Thrilla Route


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