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So who's going? Weather and course design are going to make this one to remember. I'm in the early race, getting the pain out of the way.

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don't forget, live coverage for those who can't make it!
OK, guess I should have thought to mention that.

And for those that we'll be there, any pictures and video should be brought to our live coverage staff. You know, the guys (me and Jake) huddled under the tent trying to keep the laptop dry!
I'm driving down to Philly for Wissahickon. I'm thinking the same thing. It's going to be a cold mud fest. In short, a real East Coast CX race.
i went and loved it. entering my first cx race in november so i was taking notes. this mtbiker realizes it's a whole 'nother ballgame. have some pix but camera upload is not working for some reason.

yeah, it was pretty chilly and very muddy. enjoyed the women's race the most. sorry to see the Giant TCX rider fall to 4th place finish in the last seconds!
Glad you enjoyed it. It was definitely a blast.

And as far as the women's race, there aren't many riders, on-road or off, that can hold off Van Gilder in a sprint.
Ugly day indeed! Bike had to have weighed close to 35 pounds after (starting at about 17.5). I had hoped for continuing rain to help rinse the bike, but it dried up just before the 2/3/4 race.

Loved the changes they made to the Elite course, though... wish we could have had those grassy lines!


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