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I hope to be running tubeless this fall. I know the HED Ardennes are great clincher tires but I'm very interested in having them tubeless. Anyone have experience with the Ardennes tubeless? And if so, with what tires?

I have a feeling the HEDs will be better cross race wheels than Stans 355. The Stans wheels always seem a little flexy with the light spoke tension. But, I know the Stans rims + Stans Raven tires would be a great tubeless setup.

I weigh 156 lbs and will have the tires set in the high 20s psi.

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I am converting to tubeless and have found the best set up is Fulcrum 2 in 1 wheels (pricey) with Hutchinson Pirhana or Bulldog tires. You need to be on the light side weight wise
I bring this up with the HED guys every summer for the Ardennes. The tech guys there that build the wheels ran some last season without a problem. They don't really market it because it requires some significant installation and conversion techniques with Stans, but apparently it can work. If you already have the wheels, give it a shot.

We just got some tubeless Shimano DA wheels in and are going to give them a shot for renting them out at 'cross races this season. I'm intrigued since they are marketed as a tubeless specific wheel and perform awesomely in criteriums. Rentals are $75 first day, $15 each add'l day or you can get a Day Pass for $200 and try them out for a few weekends.

we're testing the HED ardennes rim right now via the EU Cycle Imports SCX cyclocross wheel. Had a bit of trouble getting it sealed up initially but right now so far so good. we'll let you know either online or in the mag when we're done testing.

had great luck with stans rims and low pressures so-so luck with shimano DA. without a rim strip and just the hutchinson tire, we couldn't ride pressures low enough. with a rim strip we got close, but feel you may need several to get a good seal.

the stans can be built however you'd like if you just buy the rims, and they have a lighter version avail too. they are not the beefiest rim but a good weight.

if echappe is in your area, and you want to try tubeless, that could be the way to go before investing. if they set them up with a rim strip or two under the tire, lower pressures will be possible than without.

if you haven't seen our previous articles, there's some how-to here.

good luck.
disclosure: stans, echappe, and eu all advertise with us.


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