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Hey everyone!
I could use help on an article:

What do you miss the most about cyclocross season?!


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The smell of embrocation in October....

Laughing about the mishaps.  Most of which were my own...

Two main things:

1. I miss ignoring the local pool and not having to do swim training to prepare for a triathlon.  (Okay, so that's not a "serious" answer.)

2. What I miss mostly is everyone being at the same races.  Right now, my team is all over for triathlons, mountain bike races, gravel grinders and whatnot.  If more than 2 or 3 of us are at the same race, it's a miracle.  Not so during the CX season.  The same group shows up for Wednesday Night World's. The same group is there on Sunday, duking it out in the mud. Almost the whole team is there and it's a complete blast.

I guess I also miss only having to race for 45 minutes.  These 1:20 mountain bike races and 2:00 triathlons are killing me. :)

I miss the week prior training ride excitement: This is when I'm the most confident and feel like "this is a good idea", 

I miss the night before jitters: when I empty my race day bag and double check that I have everything, try to sleep and can't wait to get to the race, questioning "if this is a good idea",

I miss the morning-of freak out: where I a begin to feel sick and talk myself out of racing, convinced that "this is a bad idea" only to have my wife convince me to go or "I'll regret it",

I miss warming up pre race, I feel like a pro,

and I miss the after race euphoria/sense of accomplishment/dry heave, where it WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A GOOD IDEA to race 'cross!

I miss 6 days every week of remembering last week's falls, blunders, and joys. And looking forward to new courses, people, and weather.
Last week I serendipitously happened upon another rider while riding my cross bike on a local forest trail. He invited me to join his team and told me about a summer cross series starting soon.

Mostly I just miss riding in cooler weather and having a race to look forward to every weekend. 

The fun and humor of racers and spectators. Cycling can take itself so seriously at road events and even some mountain biking events. CX has laughter and playfulness to keep spectators warm.

And hot chocolate, or coffee with a shot of whiskey, in the cooler days/evenings.

cooler weather, heckling, handups (beer), laughing my a** off, bagpipes, mariachi bands, getting dirty on purpose, racers dressed up or lack of, full days+ worth of fun.



Mastik One headaches......


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