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I've just spent the evening scraping the belgian tape off my rim so that I can re-glue this week.  What a ridiculous job.  I got the tape off, but there is residue, plenty of residue.  It's basically smooth, though, no big lumps or globs.  How clean do I need to get the rim before I start the gluing process?



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I did the same thing recently.  Try using Goof-Off first.  You'll need to use a shop towel or rag and take your time.  Be liberal with the Goof-Off.  I did this twice around the rim and then hit the remainder with 150 grit sandpaper.  It left a fairly smooth surface in which to glue the new tire on.  From my experience and from talking with others, you don't need to get down to the rim, just ensure that you have a smooth surface all the way around to re-glue.  Sounds like you are on the right track.

I used Belgian Tape the first time around, but not with the new tire.  For the new tire I used Mastik One (3 coats on the rim, 2 on the tire).  Raced it last week and things seemed fine.  The rim was a Hed Stinger 5.

Curious to hear how other people accomplish this?

I use some xc ski tools with pretty good results. groove scraper and some modded plastic scrapers with sharp-ish rounded edges kind of push and lift the sticky along. it sticks to itself, kind of balls up and will eventually come off in big boogerish chunks.  i just move spoke hole to spoke hole that way.  still takes some time, but it avoids the use of solvent, power tools, etc.   if the sticky is really stubborn, solvent certainly helps - just be sure to get the unsticky off before slapping new sticky on.





A heat gun helps a lot. I also use a wire brush designed to apply soldering flux, scrapes the warm tape/glue right off.


Its super frustrating I know.  Here's a post i did about how I clean rims.  This applies to both standard glue and tape.  However, with tape, you will need alot more paint thinner, alot more time to let the rims sit/soak and more rags.  Let me know if this helps....Good Luck!


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