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The course needs to cross a large parking lot twice. I need to mark it so the racers know where to go and the spectators know where to stay out of. Suggestions ?

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Couple of different ideas:

1. use the construction horses and put tape between them
2. use cones (the larger the better) with a stake in the top hole and tape between them
3. fencing like they use at the NRC events at the start/finish area
4. use concrete blocks and depending upon what kind you use, you can either stick a stake in them, or you may need to fill the hole with some concrete and put the stake in them and let them dry. then tape between them

with either, you will probably need to spend some $$$
We've used 55 gallon drums at our event. The event is run at a horse show grounds so there's no shortage of barrels that we can use. The steel drums are heavy enough on their own to support tape and can be 20' or so apart. You could probably use plastic trash cans as well, but you might need some water or sand to give them eoungh weight to be stable.
I think am going to try solid concrete block maybe, 4" x 6" x 16", with a hole drilled in them just large enough to fit the steel spike from plastic step in posts we use on the rest of the course. Maybe set them 12' apart.

Talk to your official before hand, because if they show up and don't approve, you'll be in trouble. For instance: some judges get nervous about racers skewering themselves cornering around a low post.
4 foot high crowd control free standing fencing is best option.
Try calling some local event folks to see if they have access to any of those.

Otherwise I have seen people use the Highway road barrels with the heavy rubber bases and stretch either tape or snow fencing between them.

Either way, if your worried about crowds entering and exiting give them an access way that is marked and manned so they don't go jumping in at the wrong spot.
I borrow these from my local Parks Dept. They are tall, the heavy bases keep them upright, and you can run tape across their tops.

Website I found this image from called it a Delineator Post. I call them candle cones.


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