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Is there a Shimano "Shadow Plus" short cage MTB derailleur that's not "Dyna-Sys"

Is there a Shimano "Shadow Plus" short cage MTB derailleur in a non-"Dyna-Sys" variety for use with 10 speed road shifters for cyclocross? I want a clutch type derailleur for a front single chainring?

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Hey Erik,

Yes, Shimano made a 9 speed "Shadow+" mtb derailleur before Dyna Sys but they might be hard to find.  I currently run 10 speed 105 shifters/cassette using an XTR 952 9 speed rear derailleur flawlessly.  Since 10 speed is in the same space as 9 speed before it, the Shadow+ mtb derailleur will have enough reach.  I am using a mid length cage and running a Narrow-Wide Wolftooth front chainring with no chain guide.  So far so good.

Good luck!

Steven, post a photo of your setup when you have a second. What's the model # of your derailleur? 

Hey Cyclocross Magazine and Erik,

Here's some pictures of my drive train.  I double checked and it's an XTR 952 rear derailleur.  Yes, the cable maybe a little short but I was transferring it from another bike and didn't want to put in a new Gore cable.  I'll fix it once it wears.

Let me know what you think.

Cool! Looks great.

Just fyi, that's not a Shadow or Shadow + rear derailleur. No clutch, no shadow (low profile clamp).

Tip: for photos, use the photo icon instead of attaching, that way it'll look like this:

Here's info and images on Shadow plus Steven:  I'm bummed because I was surprised to hear there may have been a 9-speed Shadow +. 


If you read my first response, I mentioned that I am running the above rear derailleur and not the XTR 972 9 speed Shadow version.  There was no 9 speed Shadow + but I think the Saint 810 9 speed version may work pretty well since it's spring was very stiff compared to an XTR or XT.  My impression is that the Saint is the precursor to the "+" for the 10 speed rear derailleurs.  I have one in my inventory and may try it on my CX9 1x10 set up.  I'll have to do some rougher trail rides to see if the chain will drop.  

You should  try it if you have extra parts laying around.  Or add a front chain guide like a Paul's Chain Keeper.

After talking to Wolf Tooth, I may just add a 40t GC to my cross set up and I'd probably have a wide range 10 speed set up that will be pretty close to a 2x10 set up.


Thanks for the photo tip! My first time attaching pictures.


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