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Does it exist? I was hoping to subscribe myself and my brother in law god Xmas, but after sending two emails and s voicemail message  weeks ago asking whether it is possible to get an online and paper combined subscription I am about to look elsewhere.
Any ideas? 

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Dunno. The online mag was supposed to be updated about a month ago to the current version. I emailed last week asking what the hold-up was and never got a response.

Yes- I emailed the first address, and left a voice message at the phone number. Neither was returned. 
Well I guess I'll just stick with the free portions of this site and cyclingdirt. It's a shame, wanted to subscribe, but have never dealt with 'customer service' quite like this.
Yes- no response. Not surprising from my (and apparently others') experiences- not really the way to run a business.

I've contacted them via with success.

I'm sure they'll get back to you shortly.

He may still be trying to clean himself off in the "pool of filth" from the SSCXWC race.

hurlow, you should get better service.  pm me your phone number, we'll call you and we'll create a custom package for you. I looked for any email under hurlow, but didn't find anything, but we'll take care of you. sorry you had to resort to the forums.


we had a woman named carol to take care of all this, but the other night I had to pick up all our mags from her because she found out she had a brain tumor a few weeks ago and obviously can't continue with pending medical issues.  so unfortunately we're all scrambling right now, but you shouldn't experience the brunt of it. 


we don't do that combo because: 1) it requires two different check out services (the digital mag is separate), and 2) as you found, the one-offs are hard to offer because everyone wants something different.  but we'll do it if that makes you a happy customer - that's our goal.


regarding issue 14, our designer has been working on that for a few days, but it's taking way longer than we hoped!  we have to get better at that.


really sorry for the poor timing on all of this.



Thanks Andrew,

I was hoping this could get sorted out. I did PM you a phone number.

Sorry to hear about Carol.


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