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Michelin Tires 30 or 35


apparently now michelin mud nowadays only produced in size 30. I have a 35 old ones. I have searching in different websites, including michelin, but 35 aren't abaliable.
30 seems small for mud.
Does anyone know the cause of the change?
Someone has tested? Were good, better or worse? I do not know whether to buy 30 or search for 35 ones

thanks a lot.

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hey macamen,

are you talking old green? as far as my memory serves me, even the old skinwall green were listed as 700x30. but michelin tires are truer to size - on a narrow rim those tires measure pretty accurately. it's just that most other tires are undersized. so those michelins seem quite wide! see our issue 3 for actual measurements on a narrow road rim.

it's a decent size, not the biggest, but pretty good. for example, a ritchey 700x32 is way narrower! as is a continental twister pro.

hope that helps.
The Mud 2 are about 2mm narrower than the old green Muds. I find it minorly annoying but not that big a deal. Ends up being about 2psi more for me.
you WANT skinnier tires for Mud. Better traction, more clearance... and the list goes on.

They are MUD tires, not all around tires.

Run muds in the mud and something else in the dry.
for most types of mud, gewilli is right! but i do think the mud and mud2 tread is a great universal tread for clincher racers...
Old and new only came in 30C although neither measured out to a true 32mm
Thanks everybody!

I was talking about black ones in 35, unfortunately I have never tasted greens.

You have a great opinion about size 30 and size 35 is difficult to find. so I’ll buy them


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