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I am just wondering if anyone is running narrow tubulars besides me. I got a frame for free because it was an oops when the builder built my wifes bike with a narrow rear end that would not fit anything much bigger than a 28. I did a home remedy of denting the chainstays (this is a steel frame) and am able to get a 32 Tufo Prestige in back, but have not even 2mm of clearance. I am currently running a 28 Tufo out back and will be putting a 30 of the same on the front. I do have a second bike (Soma Double Cross) that easily fits the wheelset with the 32's.

So, back to the question. Is anyone lese running narrow tires to race? I was looking around and saw that FMB has plenty of choices in 28 and 30 sizes so those may be my future tires.

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Narrow tires will drastically hurt your traction in mud. They hold a lower volume of air and will flat more easily.

See CXMag #13 (I think) for the article on the history of tires. Pros in the '70's had to run most of the couse because the skinny tires were so powerless.

It sounds like you got yourself a free road bike, good for commuting. If you have enough dough to be considering FMB tubulars, you can afford a new frame that can run proper CX tires. The November Hot Buns is carbon and only $800. Or you could get a frame used on this very site for cheap.

if you're small (150ish) and know how to drive a bike, don't sweat it.  get to know the tires really well, find their limits and pick good lines. confidence and skills go a long way.  

that said, assuming the clearance issue only exists in the back, why limit yourself to a 30mm tire up front?  given the narrow tire in the rear, I'd go for more volume and grip up front. 

I did put the 32 I have on the front, but it felt weird since it was such a big difference.  I am small, 145, and consider myself a good bike handler.  I have no issues with running them, I was just wondering if anyone else did.  I do not agree with the on comment above about traction in mud, it depends on what type of mud you are dealing with.  All the mud tires I have ever had on my mtn bikes over the years have been extremely narrow so that that dive down into the mud deep and find traction.


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