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Here it is a week before Nats officially starts, and I still haven't registered. 

Here's my gambit: If I sign up today, I'm guessing I'll be one of the first riders off for the TT. If I sign up at the race, I get to be one of the last riders to ride the course. The benefit being I will pretty much know what time I need to beat, and I'll be racing on a course that has been well defined with lines and faster.

Any thoughts?

Here's the doc on call ups:

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hmm, are you going to be a contender? if not I'd say do whatever works best for your schedule. perhaps recovery time is important? sometimes worn lines aren't faster lines too - just depends on the conditions. good luck. which event?

Thanks for responding.

Interesting. I'm in the 45s and want a good starting position so I can contend. Currently there are 347 entrants for the day. If they send the riders off at 30-60 second intervals, that equates to 3-6 hours of TT slots. The masters 45-49 is the last category to do the TT, and with 120+ entrants, that gives me 1-2 hours to review competitor lines. The only thing I'm worried about is if the course conditions deteriorate much within that 1-2 hour time frame. I'm going to find out if the slots are 30 seconds or a minute. Either way, recovery time would be 1-2 hours less than the first rider, and with the race 24 hours after the TT, it wouldn't make that much difference.

Are you racing?


I can't imagine the lines are gonna be much different for the last 120 of 350 riders. By the time the 45-49 masters hit the course, lines are gonna be established. Plus the course is not very tech at all, it is very open and fitness oriented from what I understand.
Regardless of when you qualify, you'll be lining up behind me. Soooo, you should probably just skip the TT and rest up. :-) hehehehehehe.


Thanks for the feedback. I just missed the online reg deadline so I'm proceeding with the on-site reg strategy. I'm getting there on Wednesday and hoping to get some practice runs before the real deal. Hope to see you out there.


just had a conversation with some guys about this at wed. night worlds and most agreed that the most important thing will be to be warmed up and familiar with the course. You don't want to learn a corner during a race, so hopefully the weather will hold and you'll have plenty of time to check it out. stay tuned - we should have a preview shortly.
I completely agree with this logic.
I'm hoping we have a chance to pre-ride the TT course Wednesday afternoon/evening after the days qualifying is over.
See you there Jim and good luck!



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