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New CX Bike-Shoe Rubs Front Wheel During Sharp Turns...

Being an old roadie I was a little surprised when I first started getting contact between my front wheel and my shoes when sharp turns are in order.

Is that typical of a CX Bike.

The bike is a Jamis Nova Pro (wish I'd a bought the SuperNova) 54 cm. Bike fits me perfect.

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I don't think this problem is specific to CX bikes, especially since road bikes tend to have geometry and headtube angles as tight and steep or more so than CX bikes. Frankly I'm surprised you haven't had this problem before. From what I've read and what I've heard toe overlap generally only happens on smaller frames, like a 52- 54cm. It shouldn't be too bad just have to be a little more careful with the pedals on those tight turns.
I'd agree with Hamilton. I ride 50-52cm bikes depending on the geometry and I always have toe overlap. Geometries on news bikes are somewhat tighter than older frames due in part to a preference by pros for quicker steering over comfort.
Not only have I always ridden 55cm or 56cm in road bikes (all with 170 cranks), they've been Italian with a bit more laid back geometry, maybe thats why I've never had any toe rub.

I sure like the bike and lot and its plenty fast. I bought a set of tubular wheels for it to run on the road.
Keith, I just bought the Motobecans Fantom Cross. I feel like I took a gamble on it, so Ill let you know what I think after i pack on a few miles.
Drew - be sure and let us know how the Motobecane works for you. I looked all over this area and only found one of the Fantoms. It was too big to test ride and get a feel for it.

Good luck-hope you like that as much as I like the Jamis.
how big are your feet? mine are pretty big (EUR 48/US 13) and i get a little toe overlap on every bike i ride. track bike was ridiculous and cx is the least, but still there.

only time i bit it because of overlap was on the track bike -- but i gave that up for 'cross! if your mindful @ low speeds you should be fine.
Average size - 43. However, as a result of some knee issues I do tend to locate my foot fairly far forward on the pedal which adds to the potential for a little rub.

I've already gone down twice and will just have to get used to it.

I switched to a different style pedal/shoe combo and that adds another challenge.

I'll figure it out.
the jamis is a pretty tight little bike - short wheelbase, chainstays, steep angles. that creates more overlap than some bikes. i believe the nova pro and supernova have the same geometry - so upgrading wouldn't help here. you could go slightly shorter crank, more rake, etc. but those are prob changes you don't want to make.

maybe try a fitting to see if you're set up well? maybe there are ways to move the cleat more forward and still take care of your knee?


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