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Noob here - wanting to get into this sport.

Are there places in New England where you can go and try out a cyclocross course at your leisure?

Appreciate any help!

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Cyclocross courses are typically set up with set in stakes and caution tape strung between them. As such a 'cross course doesn't really exist until the promoter creates it. That said, the parks they take place in are typically open year round. The best thing to do would be to find your local 'cross practice and see where they practice and what course they use. Also, someone there could take you around one of the parks where a race is held and show you the course.
The great thing about New England is that there are 2 cyclocross races (or more) every weekend. Go and try out cyclocross courses ahead of a race early on a Saturday or Sunday. That said, there are also plenty of mid week training series, depending on where you live check out the NE Velodrome in Londonderry NH, or the MRC training series in Wrentham, MA. They have courses set for practice.
if you're in Vermont, Catamount has a weekly evening series (wednesday nights) and I do believe some UCI and regional races coming up if you're feeling frisky for challenge.

happy crossing!
I live in Foxboro, MA - so the Wrentham training series is right next door.

Thanks for the info, I bought the bike and am beginning to train but I just want to screw around on a course, or something similar to a course a few times before I get out there and make an @$$ of myself haha.

When you guys wake up on a Saturday morning and are just feeling like some cyclocross action on your bike, but there's no offical training session or race, what do you do?
i take the bike to Mt Royal (or your local park that would accommodate cross-like activities) and basically do a mini cross course by finding obstacles to jump/dismount/mount over, find stairs and run-ups, do intervals, etc... Sure, its not exactly precise, but its practise and fun... Don't forget your iPod though or else it might get a bit solitary...
might as well just go race - no substitute. not only is it a better work out, it is wicked way more fun and you can race the cat 4/beginner race and then spend a bit of time watching how good guys go over the barriers. That's the cool thing. Bring a six pack and you can learn stuff by watching... take what you learned watching that day and practice it the following week and try it out...


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