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After receiving the latest edition of Velonews I felt compelled to write in a letter, while it is highly unlikely it will ever be published some of you will enjoy the letter. This only highlights the fact Cyclocross Magazine is a truly balanced world leader in the publishing industry

Name Change
After flicking through the latest edition of Velonews I thought I would pass along some helpful ideas to accompany the format change at Velonews magazine.
Velodude. "The Journal of men, men, men."
No Chicks Allowed Velonews. "Just like our clubhouse."
Wedding tackle on bikes. "Men on bikes magazine not dykes on bikes."
Lance Beat. "Just like Tiger Beat but slightly better."
XY Velonews. "Man news on bikes because girls can't race bikes like us."
Sausagefest News. "A Sausage festivus for the rest of us."
and lastly
Velonews. "The Journal of Competitive Cycling."

With the total lack of women's racing and women rider profiles it's extremely disappointing to see the direction Velonews has taken. It's a tough sport for women due to the incredible inequality in pay scales compared to men (there's a news story here for another magazine) it's only made worse by the total lack of media coverage. The readers are missing out on great women's racing, personalities, and stories that everyone can readily relate to and you won't find any of them claiming someone spiked their drink...again.
And lastly I would like to personally thank Mt Borah custom clothing, for their use women racing their bikes to promote their clothing instead of companies like Pearlizumi who are promoting their clothing ability to accentuate nipples.
-Mr Katie Compton

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I have picked up a few issues of ROAD and they cover women a hell of a lot more then Velonews.

Also, with all due respect, Velonews isn't what it used to be. There are much better rags out there.
Mr. Kiwi Compton: I have a few old issues of VN that I've kept around, one has a photo of your lovely wife on the cover. This was back in the day when they had somewhat descent, though never great coverage, of cross. I'll take your word on the magazine's slide to total man on man on bike love, since I haven't been picking up VN for sometime now. The last few times I did I'd find myself, saying to self: " well that's pretty wrong," or "what the @#$?!? are they thinking?" Of course it's really the same thing that goes through my head when I hear a 17 year old LBS mechanic tell me I've got to convert all my cross bikes to accommodate tubeless-disc-wheels and throw out all those nasty tubular sets and wide profile brakes, so maybe it's just me. More importantly hope you and the lil 'missus find some stand-up sponsors for the coming season; and while we always cheer you on in far-off Europe, we always love watching Katie kill 'em on home ground.
how about the almost one page for the women in the CX worlds preview?

or how about the invisible coverage of the Giro Donne?

Thanks CX Mag for being balanced and covering both sexes as equally as possible...


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