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Anyone on here running the stans sealant or any other kind of sealant with the challenge grifo clincher tires? I raced the grifo clincher last year on a ss, and built up a bike with gears this x-mas. money for tubulars is not going to be in the budget this year, but could justify the notubes/grifo combo! not sure if those tires would even work but i absolutely love them to race on!!! any info would be sick!!!!

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My understanding is that skinwall tires won't work with a tubeless system. The sidewalls are too porous.
I run the grifo clinchers w/ regular tubes right now but you could try the latex tubes if you haven't already..
Challenge is releasing a new Grifo next year called the Grifo Pro. This does not have the porous skinwall sides, but rubber like a Michelin Pro3. I will have them available now on special order or in stock closer to the CX season (august).
I attempted to run Stan's with their Raven cyclocross tire this past season. Had it done by the bike shop since I figured they could do it better than me. During training, I had burps and rolled the tire one time when experimenting with "how low could I go" with tire pressure. First race of season was sitting in third with 1 1/2 laps to go and on a non-technical turn rolled the front tire completely off the rim. Race done. I tried this set-up on stock Alex rims for my Specialized SS and also on Mavic Open Pro rims I purchased. Both times, couldn't see the advantage of running Stan's with clinchers because tire pressure difference wasn't any different than with tubes. With the money I spent on the Mavic rims, Raven tires and Stan's kits, not to mention the frustration, I could've purchased tubulars like Neuvation or Williams rims and some tires for probably less. Not worth it in my opinion, but others have had success. I did notice a slight difference in how the Stan's rolled a little smoother. I made the switch to tubulars and am feel it's worth it. I contacted Stan's as well to let them know about my experience - not to complain but as an FYI and perhaps some feedback. Never heard a word. So overall, thumbs down for me. But again, that's just one person's take. I think you need the right rim and tire. I will say if I was using them in a few other races this year, I wouldn't have flatted during the race (I was still on Clinchers and hadn't made the switch) so I am sure they have their advantages for sealing punctures.
Its probably cheaper and less hassle to just go straight up tubulars.
This year I raced Fulcrum Racing 1 2way-fit wheels with Vittoria XG pro (simalar tread to grifos) and stan's sealant.
It worked perfectly in all 10 races. I'm about 190 lbs and I raced at 35 to 40 psi and never flated or burped. I experimented with tire pressure and went down to 25 psi and still couldn't get burping in tight off camber conrers. After a couple of races I pulled up to 6 goatheads out of one tire, they sealed up immediatly and I didn't lose more than 1 psi.

The tubless setup is totaly worth it in my opinion.
I used Hutchinson Bulldog clinchers on the Ritchey rimes that came with my Redline Conquest pro. They have burped a couple of times on really big hits, losing a few psi. I dion't think it would be possible to roll these though. With the Stan's strips, the tire fits the rims REALLY toght. But these were real nasty hits that caused this. They lost a few psi.
I think Stan's 355 rime and these tires would be a sweet combo. I find Tubulars to be a huge PITA to take care of, fix, glue etc. - so they are not an option IMO.
I tried for the hell of it to "stans" some griffos and like it was said the tire sidewalls are too porous. I bet with the determination you could coat the inner part of the tire with something before the stans, but what a pain in the ass.

I agree with the laytex tubes. Justin Spinelli (pro rider) and owner of Svelte Cycles uses laytex tubes and has had great success.

Stans is fantastic stuff, just not with griffos as they currently stand.


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