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I'll be riding the Masters 45-49 race at Natz in Asheville next month. Let's just say I'm not looking for a podium spot.

I've never been to a nationals race before. I'm wondering how the pits work if you don't have someone in the pit for you? Any input?

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The pits at nationals work like any other pit. If you don't have someone there you can still leave wheels or a bike and affect your own repair. Having someone there just makes it faster, easier, and means someone can hand you a clean bike every lap if need be.

Does that answer your question?


I guess what I mean is that if you have all the pit lanes for those with crews and what not, where are the bikes/wheels for those without crews?

There's typically some sort of centralized rack you can leave a bike or wheels at. Every lane isn't going to be filled with a pit crew except for the elite races.

That's super helpful. Just trying to wrap my head around it. Thanks!

Yeah, no problem. Having a spare bike seems to be a thing of the past for most races such that the pits are largely empty outside the pro ranks and some super supported juniors and masters. There will be space for you somewhere. Good luck!


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