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Hey all.  This will be my first year racing cross.  I was wondering something and hoping you all could offer some insight on your methods.  What is your choice of post race clean up if no pressure washers are available?  If it was a very muddy event, how do spiff yourself up?  I've seen some pics of riders using those one gallon handheld garden sprayers and thought that would be perfect.  Your thoughts?

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This is a darn good question!


Pressure washers are rarely available, IME. Also, check the pressure before you use them on yourself. Some are just moderate pressure, some are going to hurt.


Often there's a hose available. Better than nothing.


Honestly, I'll leave the bike dirty till Monday when I can get to it unless I need it Sunday for a Saturday race. In that case I'll wash it at the house with a hose and bucket or hit up a car wash on the way home. I'll get my shoes at the same place, sometimes even my race clothes.


For myself I always pack a towel and a spray bottle of alcohol. That'll get a lot off, plus the alcohol gets embro off as well.

Yep, hand held sprayer it is.  I actually use a canister designed for applying paint stain, it's the same thing only larger with a good, but low pressure level.  Also, you can wash off in a puddle like a bird - I've actually seen this. 

Don't use a high pressure washer because it will just ram water into your bearings.


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