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Hey everyone. As you know, nationals is just around the corner. As many of you read in last years national recap (issue 2) we asked the national champions across all categories some questions following there win. Here were the questions we asked:
Crashes of Mechanicals during the race?
Pre-Race Meal?
Warm-up routine?
Pit bike or spare wheels?
Tires and pressure?***
Do your own wrenching?
Have a Coach?
Thoughts on the course?
Race highlight besides winning?
Is 'cross your main focus?
Training details?
Notes and quotes---

So, what we at cyclocross mag are hoping to find out is what new questions are you all wanting to throw at this years winners that will be crowned in just over a week's time? What questions are good to keep? Lets here your take? We want to make the interviews as interesting as possible so get creative people!

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Is there anywhere last years recap is posted? I'd love to read it.
I don't believe so as it was one of the largest articles in that magazine.
Back issues available?
hi booksy - definitely avail - we don't have very many - but $8 each. info here:

we may do some teaser content this week from that issue.
Any special prepping done to your bike( special homebrewed lubes, pam cooking spray,flux capacitor...)
Clothing choices?
Any odd, off the wall, funny or focused thoughts during the race?
Where you started in the pack at the start line?
we also asked about their bike & its specs - is this interesting? knowing what pedals or brakes someone has? it's a space hog but some bike geeks like it...
oh yeah - for us geeks it's probably more important than all the other questions. Aside from tires and pressure of course, which are key.
Is anyone interested in travel questions. I know the likes of WIcks heading to Japan and some others going odd places. Is anyone in hearing some entertaining travel stories, or strangest places people have slept, or so on....?
last call for questions...chime in, no such thing as a bad question... embrocation? massage? pre-race training, warm-ups?
2Q's: -What kind of socks/gloves

-Also, any differences between Bike #1 and Bike #2, on purpose? Maybe one is set up better for something else, I know most people go for identical bikes, I'm curious if anyone doesn't, especially out of choice.
I'd like to know if the winner believes the US National Champion should be expected to participate at Worlds. And if they answer NO, poke them in the eye with your microphone.
just for elites, oldest juniors, u23 and masters too?


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