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I have a quick (and maybe dumb) question about pitting.  I was under the impression that once you passed the entrance to the pit, you had to keep going forward on the course until you came back around.  Apparently this is not so.  From the USAC rulebook:

"5C3. A rider passing the pit entrance and continuing beyond the pit exit (yellow flagged area) may not enter that pit, but must continue around the course to the next pit. A rider not passing the pit exit, may enter that pit after dismounting and walking backwards on the course to the pit entrance."

I saw a woman at USGP Louisville last year get bitched out by an official for trying to run back into the pit BEFORE she'd passed the exit.  They just made her keep going - boy was she mad.

Anyway, can someone clarify this for me?  Is this true for UCI races as well? Also, the part about "walking backwards" seems poorly worded... I assume they mean "walk against race traffic back to the pit entrance".

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Backwards modifies "direction on the course" not your style of walking.

It's a UCI rule as well. All USAC cross rules are UCI rules but not all UCI rules are USAC rules.

As long as you haven't passed the exit to the pit you can pit.
Yeah, the last part about walking backwards was more of a joke. But it does seem like a weird rule. Why not just strike it to say if you pass the entrance, you just have to keep going. Thanks for the clarification re: UCI rules.
I kinda like the rule as it's written. Might be one of the few to make any sense or have any element of forgiveness.


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