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Tim's joining us after our worlds coverage for a chat session with you, our die-hard 'cross fans, sponsored by Cyclocross World.

What do you want to ask Tim? We'll gather some questions beforehand, and open it up to some live comments during the chat session. But help steer the hour with your questions below.

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Have at it, we want to know what you want to know!
how about....

45 mins into the race and you're at max. pace just incrased. what goes through your mind? what keeps you going?

pretending you didn't win, but hoping you did....who's got the best shot at becoming world champion from the US (for the elite men) either now or in the future?

if cyclocross was an olympic sport, would you take part in it?
if you had a chance to compete in the olympics (and cx wasn't a sport), what would you compete in?

what is the best advice you got that's helped you advance in cyclocross?
best tip for the weekend racer?

what would you cherish more:
US Champ or top 10 at World's
US Champ or podium at a World Cup
1st place in US race or podium at Euro race

If your team said "we want you to race the entire season in Europe", would you?

ever have a team kit that was flat out ugly?

what is the coolest bike gadget/thingie you've owned that you think others should have?

Steelers or Cardinals in the Super Bowl?

pretty random...i know.
Those are awesome. For those of you who pay attention to Football (the real kind that is) I was going to ask his opinion of a team trying to pay 108 million pounds to transfer one player! And how that relates to cycling, of course.
Don't forget to tune in to ask your questions of Tim Johnson!
What size is your Cannondale CX (compared to your road bike)?
What does OUCH! stand for?
Been riding with Landis yet?
Are carbon wheels really worth it (in cross)?
What's your goal for the upcoming season? (road & cross - in 2009)

what's your feelings on bottom bracket drop? do you like the trend among some US builders to go lower? I see Cannondale now lists there BB drop as 6.7 cm- previously the '09 models were said (on the same website) to have much less drop- hopefully the current info is correct Are you involved in the details of the frame design?

thanks, marc
Tim- I notice that a lot of pros don't wear gloves even when the weather is cool- why is that?
Thanks again to TJ and Cxmagazine for arranging this. Interacting with the stars of the sport on this level is one of the great things about cross.


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