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I'm trying to decide what race to do this season. The choice is either goto Interbike and do Cross Vegas, or go up to Madison, WI and do the USGP Planet Bike Cup. I wish I could do both but I can't afford to.

Cross Vegas will more or less be a novelty race and a race to not get lapped. For those asking, I've been to Interbike several times so its not a big deal if I don't go.

I've never gone to USGP in Wisconsin. Two days of racing and most likely many of those doing Cross Vegas are going to be there anyway so its not like the competition is going to be much different. The race is driveable but may opt to fly instead (8hr drive).

I would be doing UCI elite in either Cross Vegas or USGP

Cost wise, its probably going to be about the same, with USGP probably being slightly cheaper (especially if I don't go splurge on all things Vegas since its pretty easy to go over the top there)

Your thoughts ideas?

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I vote USGP. I realize it isn't a total waste of trip to Vegas if something goes wrong in the race, but, at a two day event without the camaraderie, you'll be more focused on actually racing. Then again, if you are trying to get the sponsors name out definitely Vegas. I don't really know, it is a pick-your-poison in the UCI Elite Races anyway, it seems.
I vote USGP. Been to the CrossVegas race a few times to support my wife racing and the only cool thing about the race is the crowds. USGP race is solid cross course with two days of racing.

Of course given the option between driving and flying I always opt to drive within reason as I hate trying to pack everything up for a flight with weight and luggage restrictions vs. the flexibility of throwing everything I want (tools, wheelsets, work stand...) in the car.
USGP. Two races in one weekend make it a no brainer.


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