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This Sunday is Speedway Cyclocrossapalooza in North Wilkesboro, NC. Its just 2 hours from the UCI Kingsport Cup on the way back to Charlotte and Greensboro.  We've got a heated party tent, hot showers, Talia Espresso serving up treats and Blowing Rock IPA on tap. Check out this course preview video we shot Thursday after staking the course - with three days of sun and highs in the 40s all the snow will be gone by race day, and the sandy soil and grippy track surface will make for great racing. Sign up at (scroll down to Sunday 01/16/11Wilkesboro, NC).



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WOW all the elevation gain and steep climbs is so awesome... wait a minute? Another infield grass crit? Well done, the juniors will love it. Tough course for those that , errrrrrrrr, nevermind. Courses like this will help kill the momentum cyclocross is building.

If you were paying attention, or even bothered to watch the whole video before you jumped on your high horse, you'd note the part where I mention that my car got stuck so I could not shoot any footage of the all the of climbing (clearly you missed the part where the course descended for about 100' through a series of chicanes I could barely drive through), as well as a highly technical off camber section that I video'd while running.


You are an idiot.

Nice.  Name calling is classy and great promotion for a promotion company!   I totally understand you problem driving a car on a technical climbing course.  So let me understand it was so difficult and technical you thought you could drive your car on it?  Or was the climbing on the part where one descends 100' in the chicanes?   All the technical courses or ones with steep climbs no car could drive on.   Hence the problem with course design, not a car course, its supposed to be a cyclocross course.

None of which changes the fact that you are a douche.


Race montage for the rest of you


Speedway Cyclocrossapalooza Jan 2011 from Pirate Race Productions on Vimeo.

Brilliant innovative monocrap, with music that is sure to hit the target demographic, that 85+ category of cross racers that remember "the good olde days" without derailers, fancy materials like carbon, plastic, and gel, and when cork was king.

And such an original catchy name too! Seems everything from kids toys to cross races get to hop on that "-apalooza" band wagon. I see where the technical part was now, that truck load of red clay someone dumped on the course.

She gets mad
And she starts to cry
She takes a swing man
She cant hit!
She don't mean no harm
She just dont know
What else to do about it

sorry Perry......just had to.



As a mediocre 35+ Cat 4 racer you have incredible insight into the sport, and your participation in this forum is truly a service to the rest of us. I'm sure everyone in Colorado finds you equally pleasant. 

Geachte Heer Broekschijter:

Ya, a few podiums, several top 10's, top 20 in CO state CX Champs, in my first year racing, ya mediocre.  And that Duvel sponsorship is killing me.  Going to Belgium drinking Westvleteren by the case is also tough.  I'll just have to suck it up riding the Ronde this year too.  I see your busy with bike polo and recommending 35c Panaracer cross tires! HA! Wow, cutting edge stuff there!  And I bet that free coffee and cookies at your Queers and Steers races draws tons of, errr, well, I guess you know!  

BTW, how did your race results work out last year?  C'est la vie. (that's french by the way) Sorry bout not getting that Crispy Cream sponsorship.  That hip replacement not working out?  Just slowly back away from the shower curtain (probably wouldn't hold anyway) and remember what Jane says........

now for something completely different:

GO Pirate-apalooza GO!!!!

Tot later domoor.

 PS: they find me funny like David Sagat!  Unless of course they are at the butt end of my jokes, then they just get sh@t on.  Charmin works best BTW.





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