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I am currently in the East Bay and did the BASP and Surf City evens last year.  I am taking a new job that will have me relocating to South Lake Tahoe and the Rancho Cordova areas.  I am planning on traveling for the Surf City series since I am targeting the overall and will race in the Sacramento series, but does anyone know if there is anything in the South Lake Tahoe area that is worth racing?  Any recommendations will be appreciated!

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The Bay Area will miss you, but glad you'll make the long drive back for some races. Maybe if we get some early snow, I can catch a ride back with you and hit some powder?  What's the new job, can I ask?

Thankfully there's definitely some racing closer than Sac to you - but mostly North Lake Tahoe area.  The series that has been running for a while is the Sagebrush Cyclocross Series run by Reno Wheelmen.  Their site is here:

Not sure when their 2013 schedule will be out. I've heard some guys also do some practice races around Truckee, at least that was a few years back. Heck, call up Olympian Katerina Nash, who lives in Truckee, and see if you can try to chase her around (on a cx bike, mtb, or nordic skis). 

Good luck. 


I will make the trip to race in the Bay Area as much as possible.  After all, it is where I got into and hooked on 'cross.  I am a geologist, and the new job is related to cleaning up a few old mining sites in the Sierras.

I appreciate the info and will check out the Sagebrush series and see how it fits in the Surf City, BASP, and Sacramento series schedules.

you beat me a few times last

We had some good races!  Are you going to be starting in C's or moving to B's for the Surf City next season?  With the new upgrade rules I'll need to races to move up to B's but am planning on doing that prior to the start of the series.

i hit enough points to move up and won my last race of the season.  i'll probably do B's in CCCCCCCCCCX and Surf City and 35+B's for BASP so i don't have to wait till the last race of the day. 

Nice job on the win!  I am going to try to make some of the CCCX races this year.


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