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I'm going to be visiting a friend down in WV, but she lives right along the border of WV, MD and PA. Are there any races within a few hours of there? Does anyone know where I'd even look to see about that? (I'm Canadian, so forgive my ignorance in this matter. :)

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Aw sweet, that totally works. Looks like PA and MD have got me covered. Nothing at all in WV, though. Poor folks. :)


When specifically are you going to be here? ABRA is the main organizer but we're on the border of a bunch of different regions, hence the calendar above.

I'm aiming for next week and the subsequent weekend. I'd like to get down there this weekend, but it's about 12 hours of driving from here to there, so the 12th is completely out of the question.


I guess I'm looking at the 13th and the 19th for race days (since I'd be driving home on the 20th). I'm pretty sure I saw a good bet in MD for the 13th, and there's at least one race on the 19th in PA according to (I can't look at the links from your link here at work, it looks like...)

there are races in Western MD, namely Taneytown (11/27/11), and in Western part of Virginia, Lurray (12/10/11)
A bit late for me, but thanks!
There are races near Pittsburgh both those Sundays and MABRA Cross races both Sundays as well. Those are probably your best bet.


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