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Hi all.  I discovered cross this past fall and I'm hooked.  I plan on racing in the Chicago Cross Cup series this coming fall but I have a general question.  What are some of the racing etiquette rules that I should be aware of.  I normally ride road solo so it should be interesting to ride in a pack.  Any input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!




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if you are being lapped you should give up the best/fastest line to the passing rider(s)

usually riders about to lap other riders will say something like "on your left" as they approach and plan to pass

you don't want to be the guy that takes down the race leader by trying to "not be a pushover"


someone in your race, on the same lap as you?  yeah, don't be a pushover

Understood. If they don't yell "on your left/right" are all bets off?  LOL.


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